Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend round up.

Don Luskin cites gold's fall in 2008 versus its current high level as proof the economy isn't going to double dip.

Larry Kudlow is bullish on U.S. Rep. John Boehner's (OH) recent economics speech.

Cato's Steve Hanke analyzes a possible rupiah redenomination that would chop three zeroes off the current denomination.

At IBD, Alan Reynolds chronicles the rise of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

And on the Cato@Liberty blog, Reynolds challenges the demand-side claim that consumers aren't spending.

At The NYT, Peter S. Goodman analyzes the economy with some interesting charts (click the chart for clearer version).

At Forbes, Steve Forbes interviews Neuberger Berman's CEO on the bond market.

At The Daily Bell, Forbes predicts a return to gold-based money.

From the upcoming film, "I Want Your Money," Forbes summarizes supply-side economics.

On The Kudlow Report, Peter Schiff debates Fed policy.

At The WSJ, Kelly Evans profiles the professor leading the Austrian economics revival.

AP's Today in History recounts that Jude Wanniski died five years ago today.

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