Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday items.

At Yahoo Finance, John Tamny debates Gary Shilling on inflation.

From Forbes, Rich Danker notes President Reagan’s unsuccessful effort to restore a gold-backed dollar.

On The Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore endorses entitlement cuts:

At Asia Times, David Goldman advocates a higher Fed funds rate.

On The Daily Reckoning, Charles Kadlec connects Egypt’s unrest to the dollar’s decline.

World Bank President (and sound money advocate) Robert Zoellick notes high food prices may push one billion people into hunger.

From the Institute for Humane Studies, Prof. Steve Horwitz refutes the claim that the poor are getting poorer:

At Daily Finance, Joseph Lazzaro makes the crucial points that exports are rising, but the trade deficit is also rising due to oil’s high price. Unfortunately, he goes on to argue the yuan should rise significantly which would likely lower the dollar, thereby raising oil even more.

From Heritage, Derek Scissors argues yuan convertability is more important than revaluation.

In The Pittsburgh-Tribune Review, Don Boudreaux explains different views of inflation, though he doesn’t use Robert Mundell’s formulation that inflation is a decline in the monetary standard.

On Capital Gains and Games, Bruce Bartlett cites a poll showing weak support for big spending cuts.

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  1. Why do you keep showing these Kudlow tapes? Reich tears Moore to shreds in part one and Kudlow does nothing but butt in when it gets interesting. Jeeeezzzz Sean!