Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday articles.

Cato's Dan Mitchell notes the President's desire to increase tax revenue via economic growth.

On the Kudlow Report, Mitchell discusses House Minority Leader John Boehner's (OH) economic policy speech.

And on Power Lunch, Mitchell debates creating a higher tax rate for the super rich.

Bret Swanson comments on Raghu Rajan's analysis of the financial crisis.

On NPR, Cato's Mike Tanner takes a swipe at Jude Wanniski's Two Santas Theory and says we can't grow our way out of deficits.

On the John Batchelor radio show, John Tamny discusses the housing market (at 27:40).

And here's Tamny on the Kudlow Report.

At Huffington Post, Robert Reich proposes increasing tax cuts for lower income workers while raising taxes on upper income earners.

Editor's note: At Alan Reynold's suggestion, I have added Edward C. Prescott's "Why Do Americans Work So Much More Than Europeans?" to the Classic Articles section.

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