Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday items.

At NRO, Don Luskin suggests uncertain Fed policy is disrupting the economy.

At The American Spectator, James P. Gannon laments the Fed's impact on his savings account.

At Asia Times, David Goldman offers a bleak assessment of the economy.

At Classical Capital, Wayne Jett foresees a U.S. default.

On the Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore debates the super rich tax rate idea.

US News blogger Peter Roff predicts an October Surprise of a partial tax cut extension.

The WSJ reports small business owners fear tax increases.

At The Economist, Will Wilkinson rebuts the notion that inequality caused the economic crisis.

Market Watch's David Callaway says the Fed's Jackson Hole retreat will be "more goat rodeo than Bretton Woods."

At Commentary, James Glassman argues the continued malaise confirms the failure of liberal economics.


  1. Wayne Jett, One has to wonder where you would prefer to draw the line between 'middleclass' and the wealthy elite. Would $300,000 do it for you and the Republican party? Would that make everything good so everyone could agree that we need to get on with 'ending the taxcuts to the wealthy.

    In order to define 'middleclass' we need only take a quick look at income quintiles in America to see that $300,000 would fit into the upper. So by definition your middleclass has suddenly disappeared!

    There's really no escaping the fact that W.Bush greatly accelerated this fall (I won't sign on to your default theory for fear of rushing it further) and one of the quickest ways out of it, or perhaps the only way out of it is to reverse his damage. Or in other words Wayne, you had it right until you tried to redefine 'middleclass'.

  2. Wayne Jett, I should have also asked, is this purely political on behalf of the Republican party or is this out of a honest in preventing the continuing fall. With no solutions offered one would suspect the former. Is there any hope Wayne? Did you begin to suggest that the $250,000 line be raised somewhat and did you forget to put the number on it? It's conspiculously absent isn't it?