Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday round up.

John Tamny argues the dollar is inflationary not deflationary.

The Business Roundtable cites the high corporate tax rate at the top of its list of growth inhibitors.

The WSJ's Steve Moore discusses the report on Kudlow.

The Cato Institute's Dan Mitchell criticizes the Business Roundtable for having supported the stimulus.

WSJ editorialists consider coming tax increases.

As Congress debates derivative regulation, here’s a Joseph Calhoun item from April that explains that dollar volatility is the main reason for derivatives.

David Goldman confirms his thesis on central banks buying gold.

Don Luskin recommends buying bonds.

Austrian economics advocate Peter Schiff wants a gold standard.

Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute suggests lower government spending would improve the economy.

Shawn Tully of Fortune quotes monetarist Allan Meltzer's view that spending cuts led to the British boom under Margaret Thatcher.

Dan Mitchell laments England's tax increases.

From 1999, Lew Rockwell provides an interesting overview of Robert Mundell’s economic contributions.

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