Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday items.

Larry Kudlow considers the Tea Party's influence.

Cato's Dan Mitchell expresses disappointment in Britain's tax increase.

At National Affairs, R. Gregory Mankiw examines the Obama Administration's response to the recession.

From 1995, the Freeman offers a summary of supply-side economics.

Humorist Merle Hazzard sings about inflation vs. deflation.

Barry Ritholz suggests supply-siders aren't good economic forecasters.

Youtube features a tribute to the late Jack Kemp, in which he says:
Every generation faces choices: hope or despair; to plan for scarcity or to embrace the possibilities. Societies throughout history believed they had reached the frontiers of human accomplishment. But in every age, those who trusted that divine spark of imagination discovered that vastly greater horizons still lay ahead.

Paul Krugman wants the yuan to appreciate faster.

Gary Andres analyzes the gusher of U.S. debt.

Heritage's Brian Riedl argues spending not tax cuts are to blame for the deficit.

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