Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday round up: Rove on growth, Woodhill on the Fed, Goldman on inflation.

In a bellwether WSJ column, Karl Rove argues Republicans can’t succeed without a pro-growth/supply-side message.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill suggests the Fed’s combination of quantitative easing plus paying interest on reserves is causing commodity inflation even while housing, labor and car prices are falling.

On The Kudlow Report, David Goldman debates the dollar and inflation:

At Politico, Steve Forbes compares current policies on energy and the environment to the Carter era.

In Business Week, David Malpass argues spending cuts will attract foreign capital and thereby increase employment.

At CNBC, Steve Forbes discusses the dollar:

On Forbes, Jerry Bowyer notes that without devaluation the U.S. might be near default.

Bloomberg’s Caroline Baum suggests Keynesian economics is stuck in the Dark Ages.

Also on Bloomberg, David Malpass analyzes the Fed’s impact on the world economy.

In The WSJ, Keynesian (and gold standard critic) Barry Eichengreen echoes weak dollar guru Fred Bergsten in predicting the end of the dollar’s reign in favor of a three currency world.

From the archive, Brian Domitrovic comments on Eichengreen’s Golden Fetters.

On The Freeman, Howard Baetjer Jr. rebuts claims that inflation has non-monetary roots.

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