Monday, February 21, 2011

Long weekend round up.

In The Financial Times, Robert Zoellick once again mentions gold as relevant to building a 21st century monetary system.

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis explains why rate targeting is an unreliable method to manage a currency’s value.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry debates rising prices:

The WSJ notes no one is talking about deflation any more.

On CNBC, Ralph Benko examines state efforts to return to a gold-backed dollar.

At Forbes, David Malpass suggests the budget deficit is crippling the economy.

Cato’s Dan Mitchell argues for eliminating the corporate income tax:

On NRO, Larry Kudlow urges Wisconsin’s governor to stick to his guns.

Dick Morris notes Republican willingness to raise taxes to balance the budget (h/t: Vlad Signorelli).

From the Heritage Foundation, J.D. Foster explains the flaw of demand-side stimulus.

Bloomberg notes China’s efforts to rein in inflation.

At Fortune, Nin-Hai Tseng recounts that while China is growing fast, most Chinese are still poor.

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