Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend round up.

Business Week reports Robert Mundell opposes yuan appreciation as it could destabilize the currency.

At The Washington Times, David Malpass advocates a spending cap in exchange for the debt limit increase.

On Fox News, Steve Forbes discusses the dollar’s impact on fuel prices:

At Asia Times, economists Hossein Askari and Noureddine Krichene link high commodity prices to currency inflation.

Cato’s Dan Mitchell cites a recent paper on the negative impact of British tax hikes.

At IBD, Alan Reynolds argues spending cuts won’t reduce economic growth.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell calls attention to a new poll that shows public support for spending cuts over tax increases to address the deficit.

Bloomberg reports Fed transcripts show the central bank disregarded housing bubble warnings in 2005, maintaining a cautious rate-increase policy.

On Fox News, Steve Forbes disputes the claim that lower wages are good for the economy:

At Asia Times, David Goldman is bearish on gold.

On Fiscal Times, Bruce Bartlett analyzes world corporate tax rates.

In The NYT Magazine, Keynesian Paul Krugman suggests the euro was a mistake.

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