Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday update.

Courtesy of Ralph Benko, The Lehrman Institute introduces its new website, The Gold Standard Now. Sign up for free updates on the main page.

On Forbes, Econoclasts author Brian Domitrovic offers a terrific assessment of China’s currency position.

At The Kudlow Report, Steve Forbes cites John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton as models for President Obama:

On NRO, Larry Kudlow predicts the new Republican House will pull Washington in a supply-side direction.

At TAS, W. James Antle, III advocates fusionism between spending hawks and supply-siders.

Cato’s Dan Mitchell draws five lessons from Ireland’s economic crisis.

At Kudlow, David Goldman sees good news in gold’s decline and has been buying equities:

However, Goldman remains pessimistic on employment.

On Bloomberg, Caroline Baum scoffs at the Keynesian notion that economic overheating could lead to inflation.

At NRO, Kevin Williamson notes rising prices and the falling dollar, and makes the crucial point that, “CPI jumps are not inflation, they are a reaction to inflation.”

On Reuters, James Pethokoukis reports Dan Clifton’s analysis that income growth is key to the next election.

At Forbes, Richard Salsman correctly ties gold’s 400% rise since 2001 to the stock market’s flat performance, but offers a confused analysis of why. A better explanation is here.

On TNR, liberal Ruy Teixeira applauds President Obama’s tax cut deal, citing job growth as vital to his reelection hopes.

In The Washington Times, Richard Rahn applauds think tanks for improving market literacy.


  1. Kudlow with Steve and Howard: Dean's better for supply siders than Reich but the message that resonates the loudest from that one is that Clinton balanced the budget while raising taxes. And that's not good.

    The American people don't yet understand that something has to be done and it has to be done quickly. If they can be kept in that state of flux then there may be time for some more tax cut experiments. If they start to get the message then all hell is going to break loose for the Republican party. Even now already, the tea party leaders are starting to say that the GOP plans are a joke.

    Watch out, the tea party puppies and lap dogs could quickly morph into fire breathing dragons!

  2. It's started. World currencies are beginning to react to the insanity of the Republicans. And gold is going to follow the USD down. This is due to the world now seeing that US politicians are more intent on playing games with supply side theories than taking measures to prop up the economy by taxing the small % of the wealthy. That along with no direction on some real direction on cost cutting. People did actually believe that the Republicans would cut costs and now it's being quickly revealed as nothing but a fraud.

    Gold is not safe. Oil and foreign currencies are. It is my sincere hope that everyone has prepared for it now.

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my concerns here.