Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday round up.

Reuters reports Kansas City Federal Reserve President Thomas Hoenig says the gold standard is a legitimate system, but, oddly, doubts it would increase employment or prevent bank failures. (Hat tip: Ralph Benko.)

At Forbes, Steve Forbes suggests the Keynesian macroeconomic fine-tuning is discredited.

On The Kudlow Report, Brian Wesbury discusses unemployment:

At Economics21, David Malpass argues the Federal Reserve is behind the economic curve and should stop quantitative easing.

On RCM, John Tamny explains that QE2 is the wrong approach.

At Kudlow, new House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp (MI) discusses tax reform:

At Forbes, Ralph Benko advocates a resurgence of the GOP’s pro-growth wing over the austerity wing.

On Human Events, Newt Gingrich advises Republicans to focus on job creation.

From Forbes, Jerry Bowyer pens a terrific supply-side analysis of A Christmas Carol.

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