Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday update.

Sorry for the recent site trouble. Google/Blogger had some kind of problem. Thanks for your patience.

In Forbes, Reuven Brenner examines the ideas that lead to prosperity.

At RCM, John Tamny analyzes the factors behind the Clinton boom.

On The Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore debates the President’s turn toward growth economics:

At Forbes, Ralph Benko argues Tea Party populism stems from relative world peace.

On The Washington Times, Richard Rahn debunks tax-the-rich rhetoric.

In three parts on Forbes, Charles Kadlec opposes tax-the-rich arguments, here, here, and here.

On Kudlow, David Goldman analyzes the economy:

On Bloomberg, Amity Schlaes sees the payroll tax cut as a significant flaw.

On Lew Rockwell, Bob Murphy comments on David Frum’s analysis that Chicago school economics have lost ground to Austrian economics.

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