Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend update.

In The Financial Times, World Bank President Robert Zoelick advocates a Bretton Woods-style international currency arrangement based on gold.

On The Jim Bohannon Show, Brian Domitrovic
provides a terrific discussion of supply-side economics.

On Fox News Sunday, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) firmly
opposes the Federal Reserve’s planned quantitative easing, but doesn’t say what the Republican House will do about it.

On the same show, U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (VA) repeatedly insists Republicans want to maintain the status quo on tax rates, not cut them. My question is, why not push the debate -- and go for real growth -- by proposing significant new cuts to the corporate tax and capital gains tax, to help investors and businesses recapitalize? Surely the electorate will reward pro-growth proposals.

At Classic Capital, Wayne Jett decries the Fed’s QE plan.

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis diagnoses Japan’s economic weakness.

On Friday’s Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore debates tax rates:

In The WSJ, Robert Frank reports on why the Washington state initiative to raise taxes on the rich failed.

On CafĂ© Hayek, Don Boudreaux worries about the President’s mercantilist perspective.

Supply-side foe Peter Peterson’s foundation will launch a new ad campaign on the deficit.

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