Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday items.

At Forbes, historian and Econoclasts author Brian Domitrovic suggests higher economic growth, even at lower tax rates, would reduce the deficit.

On Asia Times, David Goldman agrees with Goldman Sachs’s estimate of $1650 gold.

At The Kudlow Report, Don Luskin abandons classical sound money and endorses monetary stimulus:

In The WSJ, monetarist Allan Meltzer argues Milton Friedman would opposed quantitative easing.

On The NYT, Paul Krugman points out that austerity has not been positive for Germany’s economy:

In The Financial Times, Brazil complains about U.S. monetary policy.

On CNBC, David Malpass analyzes the economy:

On Forbes, Reuven Brenner proposes a novel way to resolve the housing crisis.

The Shadow Stats site explains that inflation is significantly higher than CPI indicates:

In an op-ed, David Stockman strikes a hopeless note about the budget deficit.

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