Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend round up.

In The WSJ, Art Laffer proposes an agenda for stronger growth but minimizes the centrality of monetary reform.

On Forbes, Econoclasts author Brian Domitrovic exposes the flawed analysis of gold's critics.

Also at The Journal, Stephen Moore discusses the politics of extending the Bush tax cuts:

On Forbes, Paul Hoffmeister suggests the President’s support for quantitative easing may cost him reelection.

At the Economic History Association, Brian Domitrovic reviews a biography of French gold standard advocate Jacques Rueff.

At Cato, Dan Mitchell critiques the deficit commission’s recommendations.

On The Kudlow Report, Don Luskin is bullish after last week’s market selloff:

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis considers political and economic developments from an international perspective.

On The NY Sun, Seth Lipsky supports Sarah Palin’s sound money advocacy.

At the Atlas Sound Money Project, Tom Duncan reports on a recent panel on the dollar.

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