Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday articles.

In The WSJ, Harvard's Alberto Alesina argues tax cuts are more stimulative than spending stimulus.

At RCM, Louis Woodhill offers his own interesting curve to supplement Art Laffer's.

At Opinion Journal, James Taranto discusses the GOP House Leader's mixed message on tax increases for the wealthy.

In The Washington Post, Rep. Boehner clarifies that he will fight to keep all tax rates low.

The WSJ editorializes on Democratic opposition to raising tax rates on the rich.

On The Kudlow Report, Reagan advisor John Rutledge analyzes the stock market.

From AEI, Alan Viard supports President Bush's high-end tax rate reductions.

On CNBC's excellent new NetNet blog (hosted by high school pal John Carney), LoriAnn LaRocco interviews Steve Forbes.

At The New American, Alex Newman offers a comprehensive overview of the rising consensus for a world currency, quoting Robert Mundell. Although Newman clearly opposes such a move, it is inevitable if the dollar continues to be unstable.

Also on Kudlow, Larry highlights Sen. McConnell's call for a tax rate freeze.

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  1. God who gives a flip if the top rate goes to 38% from 35%, on that the R's a setting themselves up for another "sky is falling" moment.

    The 15% going up to 40% on investment returns is another thing altogether though.

    If we need investment from the government in green power etc, if money from the government is good for those businesses, then we need the money from the high income bracket too.