Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday items.

The WSJ editorial page rebuts Paul Krugman's attack on U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's policy road map.

At Asia Times, David Goldman considers the Treasury market.

At, Joe Weisenthal comments on David Goldman's latest Kudlow Report appearance.

At NRO, Kevin Williamson analyzes money supply's impact on capital flows.

In The WSJ, monetarist Allan Meltzer suggests Europe's economy has improved because of spending cuts. As a reminder, Robert Mundell predicted Europe would recover due to the euro's drop against the dollar to below $1.30.

From 2000, Mundell discusses the euro, the dollar and gold (starting on page 23).

At The American, Austrian Arnold Kling examines Keynesianism and bailouts.

In The Washington Post, Keynesian Ezra Klein compares the Bush and Obama tax cuts.

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