Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday items.

John Tamny explains the wealth gap is part of dynamic growth.

Historian and Econoclasts author Brian Domitrovic critiques the financial reform bill.

It’s funny how easy financial reform could be. Stabilize the dollar, and it’ll be amazing how much money will flow into real enterprises instead of hedging. Cut down taxes and loopholes, and all the focus will be on making and selling, at the expense of strategy, artfulness, and the security of too big to fail. If we’re wondering why so many banks look like zombies today, it’s because the spread of the public sector has made so many lending opportunities unreal.

On The Kudlow Report, Rep. Tom Price discusses his proposal to reduce spending and cut taxes.

The WSJ proposes pro-growth policies rather than extended unemployment benefits.

Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith endorses lower taxes, reduced spending and fewer impediments to small business growth.

Author Niall Ferguson challenges Keynesian logic on deficit spending.

Keynesian Brad DeLong sees error in Ferguson's analysis.

Stanford economist John Taylor suggests lower deficits are stimulative.

In The WSJ, Harvard's Martin Feldstein calls for elimination of credits and subsidies in the tax code (full article here).

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