Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday update.

Larry Kudlow discusses the economy on C-SPAN’s Morning Journal.

John Tamny is bullish on America despite poor recent leadership.

At Investors Business Daily, Art Laffer warns of cap and trade's economic impact.

A commodity analyst considers Rober Mundell's euro and gold predictions.

Kevin Hassett worries about the death tax.

Bruce Bartlett lists policy mistakes made by President George W. Bush, but omits the weak and unstable dollar.

In The WSJ, Keynesian Alan Blinder supports higher taxes and increased unemployment spending.

At NRO, Veronique de Rugy refutes Blinder.

White House economics chief Larry Summers defends current policy.

At NRO, Kevin Williamson argues Republicans aren't serious enough about spending cuts.

J.D. Fosters explains why Alan Greenspan is wrong to support increased taxes.

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