Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday update.

In The WSJ, Don Luskin worries we may repeat Great Depression-era policies (full article here).

In The Washington Post, Amity Schlaes warns against repeating past economic errors.

From the archives, Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek discusses Keynes' monetary views.

Keynesian C. Fred Bergsten argues global trade imbalances and insufficient U.S. savings are the root of our economic problems. Related charts here.

The IMF advises the U.S. to cut spending and raise taxes.

Alan Greenspan sees a pause in the economic recovery.

Liberal political strategist Bob Shrum frames the debate between liberal stimulus and conservative austerity.

Paul Krugman hopes the Federal Reserve will do more to stimulate the economy.

The Calgary Herald cites Robert Mundell's advice to cut the U.S. corporation tax.

At AEI, floating currency proponent John H. Makin forecasts deflation coming.

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