Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday update.

Art Laffer thinks future tax increases mean a major downturn in 2011.

Larissa Price quotes classical economist Frédéric Bastiat on why spending stimulus doesn't work.

John Tamny finds it bizarre that in a time of high unemployment, the government penalizes successful companies.

From last week's WSJ, Yale's Ray Fair argues yuan appreciation won't help U.S. employment.

China's quotes Robert Mundell in calling for an end to U.S. restrictions on technology sales.

Mundell is still optimistic about the stock market.

At, Charles Kadlec suggests spending doesn't improve the economy.

In The WSJ, Richard Florida argues home ownership is overrated.

John Tamny has made similar arguments here and here.

Conservative Keynesian and euro opponent Martin Feldstein says he predicted the euro crisis.

Of course, Feldstein was a key influence on the GW Bush Administration's weak dollar policy (see here, here and here), which Robert Mundell thinks caused both the U.S. subprime and euro crises.

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