Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday round up.

At IBD, Jed Graham explains how growth rates impact fiscal deficits.

Michael J. Boskin debunks the President's economic analysis.

Brian Wesbury predicts solid economic growth.

At Fox News, Greta Van Sustern interviews The WSJ's Stephen Moore. compares Laffer and Krugman.

CEO Jim Prevor rebuts Keynesian Alan Blinder. analyzes tax rates and budget deficits.

Rich Karlgaard wonders why more pundits don't ask employers why they aren't hiring.

Bloomberg's Caroline Baum examines employment statistics.

At NRO, Amity Schlaes challenges Conrad Black's analysis of FDR.

Megan McArdle suggests substituting spending for tax cuts is weak stimulus.

Newt Gingrich assesses barriers to job creation.

Congress presses the Fed to provide more monetary stimulus.

To increase exports, President Obama will pursue stalled trade deals.

Coin dealers are up in arms about a new tax on gold coins.

This site has a collection of Friedrich von Hayek interviews.

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