Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday News: Amity Shlaes attacks the condescension of Paul Krugman, Brian Domitrovic says it is time to learn from past success on tax reform; Ralph Benko in Forbes finds dynamite in Hillary's formerly secret thesis.

Politics and Government

From Ricochet, Amity Shlaes attacks the condescension of Paul Krugman.

Ralph Benko in Forbes on how Hillary's Wellesley thesis shows how and why she chose central planning over Alinsky's optimistic populism and why this matters.  Part 1, and Part2

Monetary Reform

From, Nathan Lewis believes Keynes and Rothbard would agree that today’s economics is mercantilism.

In USA Today, Adam Shell says steady Fed policy could steady markets, calls for staying the course on tapering.

On CNBC, Michael Ivanovitch reports the Fed has fueled market volatility in emerging nations.  

On TGSN, Ralph Benko recaps Sentor John Cornyn and Representative Kevin Brady’s recent op-ed on the Centennial Monetary Commission.


At The Cato Institute, Brain Domitrovic says it is time to learn from past success:

Tax cuts, stable money, and the rendering of spending and regulation as superfluous are the formula of the supply-side revolution — the Reagan Revolution. They stand sentinel right there, not long ago in our history, as the way to advance through our sluggishness and purposelessness today.


On, John Tamny writes Obama’s order to hike federal wages will lay a wet blanket on small businesses.

On CNBC, Representative Kevin Brady says Obamacare is a huge budget buster.

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