Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday News: Lewis Lehrman details the demise of money and credit; John Tamny says Republicans should shed all pretense and become the party of the rich

Politics and Government

At The NYT, Amity Shlaes describes the myth of Gatsby’s suffering middle class.

From Forbes.com, John Tamny argues Republicans should shed all pretenses, and become the party of the rich.

On Forbes.com, Ralph Benko writes for Republicans to re-emerge, Horatio Alger must die.

Monetary Reform

In The American Spectator, Lewis Lehrman describes how the restoration of the gold standard will prevent the demise of money and credit.  

At The WSJ, David Malpass explains how Fed policy has been a drag on the economy.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko supports Roger Sherman’s position that bills of credit are an injustice.


On National Review, Larry Kudlow states tax reform Is the IRS fix.

ATR reports on small business opposition to internet sales tax legislation.


From The WSJ, Stephen Moore details Illinois and Obamacare.

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