Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Items: Alexis Levinson calls Rubio the future of the Republican Party; John Tamny argues both sides are wrong on the fiscal cliff.

Politics and Government

In The Daily Caller, Alexis Levinson calls Marco Rubio the future of the Republican Party. 

Monetary Reform

In The OC Register, John Tamny argues that both sides are wrong on the fiscal cliff. 

QE 0?  As noted at the Lehrman institute's, a 1720 volume called The Great Picture of Folly. Also from TGSN, Ralph Benko recaps a whistlestop misuse of the gold standard from the Bryan Campaign

From The Daily Capitalist, Keith Weiner praises the classical gold standard for creating more wealth at a faster pace.


In The WSJ, Sudeep Reddy and Scott Thurm report that U.S. companies are cutting spending amid fiscal and economic uncertainty. 

In Fox Business, Art Laffer offers advice on how to avoid the fiscal cliff


In The Sacremento Bee, Dan Walters says L.A. is the latest front in California’s pension war. 

In Truth in Pensions, Jon Decker writes that NJ voters have reaffirmed their commitment to pension reform. 


At Forbes, Ralph Benko explains the importance of China’s recent presidential election. 

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  1. All Art Laffer is really saying is that all the mechanisms are already in place for the very wealthy to avoid paying more taxes. And ain't that just wonderful for supplysiders!