Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Summary: James Carter attacks Obama administration record; Karl Shmavonian shares his thoughts on gold; Stephen Moore on the case for economic growth

Politics and Government

Center for American Progress's Matt Miller critiques both parties for their failure to promote upward mobility generating policies.

In IDB Economist James Carter, coordinator of 640 economists for Romney, attacks Obama administration economic record

At The WSJ, Stephen Moore criticizes Democrats for attempting to label Mitt Romney as ‘Bush 3.0’. Also On Fox Business, Stephen Moore argues that President Obama and Mitt Romney need to make a case for more economic growth. 

Monetary Reform
At Fausta’s Blog, HACER references Ralph Benko’s forward to Axil Kaisers book “Interventionism and Misery: 1929-2008”
From Paxalles, Lewis Lehrman discusses the US dollar with Laura Ingraham. 

In Forbes, Karl Shmavonian shares his thoughts on gold. 


In The Chicago Sun Times, Dave McKinney reports that a pension reform deal could be agreed upon in January. 

From Reuters, Hilary Russ writes on the bankruptcy of Central Falls, Rhode Island. 

The State Journal reports on Kentucky’s public pension shell game. 

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  1. Obama needs attacking but the thing is, Romney does too. Romney is not talking about his agenda because what he has to offer is just too unpopular with the people to speak about. This is the quandary the GOP faces. And not to mention, Ryan and Romney are being caught disagreeing on so many issues that it's not looking good. However, what's really happening is Ryan's agenda is already revealed and Romney knows it's just too dangerous to admit it's in sync with his. What to do, what to do? Who can put a happy and acceptable face on Supplyside economics at this late date? This is not looking good!