Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Items: Robert Mundell tells the ECB to step up to the plate; Daniel Mitchell discusses the costs of regulation

On CNBC, Robert Mundell warns the ECB to “step up to the plate”.

In Cato at Liberty, Daniel Mitchell covers the cost of bureaucratic red tape

At International Liberty, Daniel Mitchell criticizes England’s tax policies.

From Real Clear Policy, Joseph Lawler reports on the decreasing number of U.S small business start-ups.

In The Star Ledger, Jenna Portnoy discusses the NJ State legislature’s move to prevent judges from chipping away at pension reform.

On Fox Business, Eric Cantor describes the tax debate on Capitol Hill.

At The WSJ, Stephen Moore offers a tribute to Milton Friedman.

From Patch, Amanda Luevano reports on Illinois Governor Quinn’s attempts to address the rising pension burden.

At The WSJ, John Cochrane writes on the myths and facts surrounding the gold standard.

At US News, Matt Jensen and Aparna Mathur contend that tax hikes will kill jobs and won’t reduce the debt.

In Bloomberg, Ramesh Ponnuru predicts Republicans will win the tax fight. 

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