Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday summary: Domitrovic on Gingrich, Hoffmeister and Pethokoukis on Romney; Mitchell on the VAT tax.

From RCM, Brian Domitrovic applauds Newt Gingrich’s supply-side agenda.

On Forbes, Paul Hoffmeister argues Mitt Romney can’t solidify the GOP base without adopting a supply-side agenda.

At The American, James Pethokoukis defends Romney’s pro-growth credentials.

On CNBC, a panel debates Romney vs. Santorum:

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore wonders if Rick Perry can make a comeback.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill analyzes how the various candidates’ will fix the economy.

In The WSJ, Dan Mitchell critiques Romney’s support for a Value Added Tax.

At RCM, John Tamny debunks budget deficit claims.

On Kudlow, James Pethokoukis discusses rumors the Obama Administration will bail out mortgage holders:

In The American Spectator, Lew Lehrman links the budget deficit to the paper dollar.

The Weekly Standard reports Bill Kristol and Sen. Rand Paul (KY) discussing a gold commission.

From YouTube, Louis Woodhill provides an interesting discussion of money, taxes and growth:

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury acknowledges excessive optimism about 2011 economic growth.

The NYT reports US income mobility is worse than in Western Europe and Canada.

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