Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday items: Yahoo on the rising dollar; Woodhill on the employment report; The WSJ on Santorum.

Yahoo! Finance reports the euro’s dollar price has fallen from $1.48 in May to $1.27 today.

At RCM, Louis Woodhill disputes Friday’s positive employment report.

The WSJ critiques Rick Santorum’s economic plan.

On The Kudlow Report, Steve Forbes discusses Jon Huntsman’s late surge in New Hampshire:

At Forbes, John Tamny suggests the ongoing recession is incompatible with the American identity.

On Forbes, Ralph Benko reports new political initiatives to shake up the status quo.

In The WSJ, Maurice Greenberg argues for a free trade pact with China.

On RCM, Brian Wesbury skewers recent economic legislation.

At The WSJ, Mary Kissel discusses Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital years:

In The WSJ, Ronald McKinnon makes the conservative case for a wealth tax:
In order to have a fairer tax system, we should implement a new federal wealth tax in addition to the federal income tax. Unlike the current income tax, the wealth tax would not rely on how income is defined. Rather, it would require that households list all their domestic and foreign assets on, say, Dec. 31 in the relevant tax year. With a large exemption of $3 million that effectively excludes more than 95% of the population, a moderate flat tax—say 3%, on wealth so defined—could then be imposed.
On TGSN, Ralph Benko explains Winston Churchill’s error in re-establishing the British gold standard.

Also at TGSN, Benko quotes a very smart monetary analysis from Charlie Chaplin.

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