Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday round up: Lindsey on growth; Woodhill on different gold standards; Rapoza on the government shut down.

From Forbes, Brink Lindsey explains low long-term growth's profound impact.

Also at Forbes, Louis Woodhill examines four versions of the gold standard.

On The Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore discusses the dip in consumer confidence:

At Forbes, Kenneth Rapoza cites Paul Hoffmeister saying a government shutdown probably won’t be bad for markets, but may be bad for Republicans.

Already, public opinion polls indicate that Americans believe that President Obama’s plan for the economy is better than the Republican’s plan. This is due to the GOP’s almost singular focus on spending cuts compared to Obama’s approach to managing costs of the social safety net like jobless benefits. Usually during times of sub-optimal growth, Republicans perform better politically by emphasizing a pro-growth economic platform.
At TGSN, Kelly Hanlon reports on gold production rates.

From Asia Times, David Goldman explains that the real estate decline is hammering municipal government revenues.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell notes that taxes paid as a percentage of GDP has risen even as tax rates have fallen.

At Der Speigel, Michael Sauga quotes Robert Mundell on the euro.

On NRO, Cato’s Mike Tanner suggests conservatives are waiting for an advocate of deeper spending cuts.

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