Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday round up: Grant on the Fed; Tamny on bankruptcy's virtues; Kudlow on the dollar.

Reprinted at Lew Rockwell, the excellent James Grant recounts the regrets of a Federal Reserve founder.

From Forbes, John Tamny suggests bankruptcy is better than bailouts for damaged companies.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry discusses the dollar’s weakness, commodity price inflation, and slower growth:

The NY Sun notes the irony of punishing a gold coin seller while monetary authorities enjoy prominence and prestige.

At Forbes, Steve Forbes explains that government policy distorts the housing market.

From RCM, Joe Calhoun reviews End Game by John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper on the debt crisis.

Cato’s Dan Mitchell highlights a Center for Freedom and Prosperity video on the Federal Reserve’s historical failures:

In The WSJ, Andy Kessler argues for a stronger dollar by weakening the economy with higher interest rates.

In The Journal, Stephen Moore examines the administration’s budget position.

On NRO, Kevin Williamson notes that increased consumption has China running a trade deficit.

At Institutional Investor, Steve Rosenbush reports the euro’s rise to $1.41. As followers of supply-side guru and Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell will note, he believes if the euro rises significantly it will push the continent back into recession.

The progressive Think Progress blames speculators for high oil prices but omits the falling dollar from its analysis.

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