Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday round up: Benko rebuts Bernanke on gold, Tamny explains why bailouts hurt recovery, and Steve Moore sees Republicans winning the budget debate.

On Forbes, Ralph Benko responds to Ben Bernanke’s critique of the gold standard.

Also from Forbes, John Tamny explains why bank bailouts hurt the economy.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore suggests Republicans have won the DC budget fight so far.

From Wisconsin, Michael Moore urges class warfare rather than union benefit cuts:

From Seeking Alpha, David Beckworth argues excess liquidity, not a savings glut, caused the last decade’s credit and housing boom.

On ISI, Brian Domitrovic defends capitalism from a conservative critic.

At RCM, Larry Kudlow embraces the possibility of a government shutdown.

From The Kudlow Report, Dan Mitchell debates federal spending:

In The WSJ, Arthur Brooks suggests Americans say they want a generous government Santa but then detest big government.

At his blog, Robert Wenzel defends U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (TX) from a ridiculous critique by Fed official David Andolfatto.

On Asia Times, David Goldman posits that restricted immigration is harming the recovery.

From the archive, the IMF interviews Robert Mundell.

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