Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday items.

At The Gold Standard Now, Ralph Benko examines the Triffin Dilemma and how a gold standard would solve it.

CNN reports the IMF's call for a dollar alternative. (Hat tip: Dan Clifton, Strategas Research Partners.)

Gulf News suggests Robert Mundell supports moving away from the dollar as reserve currency.

On The Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore discusses the economy’s strength:

From Forbes, Bill Flax argues supply-side economics’ flaw is that it brings in too much revenue.

At RCM, Keynesian Robert Samuelson correctly concludes that President Reagan’s greatest economic achievement was defeating inflation, but gives Fed Chairman Volcker more credit than he deserves (see last night’s Domitrovic item), and downplays the impact of lower tax rates.

Youtube provides the new Atlas Shrugged movie trailer:

In Forbes, Reuven Brenner notes Social Security may alter the relationship of children and parents.

At The NYT, Paul Krugman derides U.S. Reps. Paul Ryan (WI) and Ron Paul (TX) for advocating sound money.

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  1. Sounds to me like the IMF is feeling the heat and trying to get out in front of some kind of national gold standard, or some international standard outside their power.

    They would never do it of course, but an admission that the international monetary authorities are losing faith in the current management of the dollar will be a good wedge to drive between the US economic establishment and the international establishment.