Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend round up.

Bloomberg reports French President Sarkozy is continuing to push for world currency reform due to dollar instability (hat tip: Ralph Benkow).

On NRO, Larry Kudlow praises President Obama’s appointment of Bill Daley.

At The Kudlow Report, Sen. Sessions (AL) discusses his tough questions for Fed Chairman Bernanke:

On New World Economics, Nathan Lewis continues his analysis of money supply.

From Forbes, Robert Lenzner reports former Nixon official Peter Peterson is building an elite consensus to raise taxes and cut spending.

At Asia Times, David Goldman warns investors to be cautious.

On Fox News, Sen. Rand Paul (KT) advocates a showdown on spending cuts:

At Forbes, McGill’s Reuven Brenner diagnoses Europe’s economic problems.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore notes Illinois tax increases.

At Slate, Jeremy Singer-Vine recounts on nations with the simplest tax codes.

The Christian Science Monitor reports Howard Dean says Ronald Reagan had no accomplishments “for the ages.”

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  1. And how long is Rand Paul going to be able to keep up this posturing before he finally has to spell out 'what cuts'? This is as bad as the Repub posturing on health care reform that supply siders are gringing their teeth away ranting about.