Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday round up.

On The Daily Reckoning, Nathan Lewis notes that wheat is cheap in real terms but expensive due to the low dollar.

At New World Economics, Lewis explains the British gold standard from 1778-1844.

On the Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore debates the President’s plan for big new spending:

In Forbes, John Tamny relieves Nixon Fed Chairman Arthur Burns of responsibility for that era’s dollar devaluation.

On Bloomberg, Kevin Hassett suggests a shift to a consumption-based tax system.

The NY Sun editorializes that if President Obama wants to imitate JFK, he should eschew targeted tax breaks in favor of lower tax rates:

In The Houston Chronicle, Houston branch Federal Reserve Bank Paul Hobby opposes efforts to investigate the Fed saying, “No one who studies the global economic issues today would forfeit this nation's ability to conduct monetary policy through a central bank.”

At The Washington Examiner, Robert Patterson (a friend) cites former Kemp-staffer John Mueller’s argument that lower birth rates have damaged the economy.

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