Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend round up.

At RCM, Larry Kudlow sees Reaganomics making a comeback.

On Supply-Side Economics Today, Brian Domitrovic responds to Scott Sumner’s criticism of John Tamny.

At CNBC, Don Luskin predicts investment will shift towards stocks away from gold and treasuries:

The WSJ editorial board is optimistic about Washington's policy direction.

At NRO, Amity Schlaes argues the tax deal doesn’t provide significant stimulus and weakens Social Security’s viability.

Also in The Journal, France’s Finance Minister outlines measures to defend the euro.

On Fox News, Charles Krauthammer offers a demand-side analysis of the tax deal by suggesting its $1 trillion deficit will create a “sugar high”:

A Heritage Foundation report suggests pro-growth tax code changes.

Jon Shure of the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities disputes Art Laffer’s analysis of state tax rates.

A blog fact checks Media Matters for America's dismissal of supply-side economics.

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