Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday round up.

From earlier this month at The Daily Reckoning, Nathan Lewis suggests gold-backed money is undermined by advocates who don’t understand its nuances.

At The WSJ, Andrew Stuttaford reviews When Money Dies, on the collapse of Germany’s currency after WW I.

On The Kudlow Report, Joseph Calhoun discusses Ben Bernanke and treasuries:

Cato’s Dan Mitchell highlights the economy’s slow recovery.

On KMOX-AM (Missouri), Alan Reynolds discusses tax policy.

In The Weekly Standard, Christopher Caldwell chortles over the euro’s difficulties, praises Keynesianism as logical in theory, and hails Barry Eichengreen’s classic books on currencies.

On Kudlow, Don Luskin analyzes gold’s rise and the dollar’s fall:

In The NY Daily News, Mallory Factor notes China’s tremendous reforms since 1978.

On Seeking Alpha, Jack Sparrow suggests the Fed keeps the dollar weak with swap lines. (HT: Atlas Sound Money Project)

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