Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday items.

David Malpass’s Growpac initiates a petition against the Fed’s quantitative easing.

At First Things, David Goldman responds to NRO’s Ramesh Ponnuru on QE2.

On The Kudlow Report, Malpass assesses the market:

On Louisiana radio, John Tamny discusses government barriers to economic recovery.

At Politico, David Boaz recommends Republican emphasize not raising taxes in a recession.

On The NYT, David Leonhardt illustrates that growth was sub-par in the GW Bush years and suggests tax cuts don’t lead to growth:

Dallas’s D Magazine reports Steve Forbes blames the weak dollar for the financial meltdown.

At Commentary, John Steele Gordon mocks Leonhardt for discovering that strong growth would help solve the deficit.

On NRO, Stephen Spruiell argues Keynesian stimulus spending as deficit reduction is a bad idea.

Our friends at Bankrupting America summarize the non-monetary uncertainties government is creating for businesses:

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