Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday update.

On Forbes, John Tamny wonders if a new Reagan will arise to combat the economy’s “new normal.”

From 2006, Paul Craig Roberts summarizes the supply-side economics model.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry analyzes the weak dollar:

Business Insider reports the European Central Bank intends to weaken the euro to keep pace with the dollar.

At Tiger Droppings, Doc Fenton argues Milton Friedman was right and Robert Mundell is wrong about exchange rates.

On CNBC, Greg Mankiw discusses tax rates:

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis challenges the scarcity mentality.

In a National Review cover article, Stephen Spruiell dissects Paul Krugman’s writing.

On The Weekly Standard, Seth Forman skewers Krugman’s recent claims on government spending.

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