Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday items.

On Supply-Side Economics Today, Econoclasts author and historian Brian Domitrovic explains that sound money would limit Wall Street excesses and boost the productive economy.

At The Atlantic, James Fallows reports the Treasury delayed its report on China’s currency status.

CNBC covers Ben Bernanke’s statement on the state of the economy:

At RCM, Michael Pento puzzles over low bond rates despite a falling dollar.

Bloomberg’s Caroline Baum worries about Fed easing.

On The Kudlow Report, David Goldman discusses how to play the falling dollar:

Heritage’s James Sherk argues technology explains the drop in manufacturing jobs.

Insider Online suggests fiscal policy uncertainty is keeping business from hiring.

Investor’s Business Daily compares pro-growth policies in Texas vs. California.


  1. This 1984 paper by Alan Reynolds in Switzerland on "Managed Money" (vs Gold) may seem classic enough to warrant a link on this site.

  2. Note-- the corrected URL is: