Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend edition.

On Forbes, Rich Karlgaard explains President Reagan and his supply-side allies favored small business over big.

At The NY Times website, Jeffrey A. Miron examines why lower tax rates help upper and lower income earners.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry asks if President Obama is moving right on the economy.

In his column, Kudlow suggests the President's economic policies are ineffective and that attacking President Bush and GOP leader Boehner will flop.

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis discusses the relationship between gold and silver.

Brian Wesbury applauds the President's proposal to let companies expense capital investment.

Also on Kudlow, Peter Navarro and John Taylor debate Fed policy.

Cato's Dan Mitchell comments on federal workers owing back taxes.

From last month, economist Steve Landsburg analyzes the Laffer Curve analysis on Ezra Klein's blog. At bottom, Joseph Calhoun makes a good comment (H/T: Joe Calhoun).

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