Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday items.

At CNBC, Larry Kudlow writes that dollar decline doesn’t help the economy.

On Gordon Liddy’s radio program, John Tamny
discusses gold and the falling dollar.

From China’s CCTV, Robert Mundell
opposes raising the yuan.

The NY Times’ David Leonhardt
explains several reasons why a higher yuan won’t help the US, but supports doing it anyway. He omits that a significant yuan rise will push down Chinese prices, cancelling out the impact on global trade.

In The LA Times, Peter Navarro – who, oddly, calls himself a supply-sider –
urges Congress to punish China for its yuan/dollar peg.

On Kudlow, David Goldman
debates Fed policy:

At Asia Times, Goldman
comments further.

On Forbes, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA)
suggests easy Fed policy enables government debt.

At CNBC, David Malpass
analyzes his Senate campaign and the state of the economy:

Bloomberg’s Amity Schlaes
estimates total top tax rates will rise above 50 percent if the President’s tax proposal takes effect.

At NRO, Kevin Williamson
distinguishes between Keynesian tax rebates and long-term supply side tax cuts.

Also on Kudlow, Allen Sinai
discusses his study on cutting capital gains taxes:

On The Frum Forum, Scott Winship
argues income inequality arguments are overstated.

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