Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday items.

Editor's note: Last week due to work/travel we fell behind with updates, but as of tonight we're caught up. Thanks for your patience.


At Fox News, Phil Kerpen argues President Obama is coming around to supply-side economics.

On Asia Times, David Goldman sees good economic news, though mostly not in the US.

At Investors Business Daily, Paul Whitfield revisits President Reagan's success:

Cato's Dan Mitchell notes Fidel Castro's recent critique of the Cuban system and notes the reaction of some liberal writers.

At The WSJ, Paul Ryan and Arthur Brooks posit that Americans want a smaller government.

Historian and Econoclasts author Brian Domitrovic comments on the role of tax cuts on eras of economic growth:

On Hayek Center, Greg Ransom suggests supply-side economics is premised on debt accumulation.

At Reason, Tim Cavanaugh considers Paul Krugman's Japan analysis.

Robert Samuelson revisits the financial crisis and the failure of Lehman Brothers.

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