Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday articles.

At Yahoo Finance, John Tamny argues for cutting taxes and spending.

At the John Batchelor radio show, Tamny analyzes the economy (at 10:30).

Brian Wesbury contends economic pessimism is mistaken.

As Robert Mundell predicted (see here and here), U.S. spending and monetary stimulus is flowing overseas, creating inflationary pressures in China.

At NRO, Kevin D. Williamson explains the difference between the Reagan and Obama recessions.

US News blogger Peter Roff reports on the GOP's fall agenda. Sound money isn't included.

At Bloomberg, David Blanchflower suggests British tax increases to balance their budget will hurt its economy.

In Foreign Affairs, Paul Krugman makes the good point that the world's nations are partners, not competitors in a zero sum game.

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi endorses David Stockman's recent NYT op-ed.

At The Washington Post, Keynesian Allan Sloan doubts higher taxes will hurt the stock market.

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