Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday items.

John Tamny diagnoses the harm done by floating currencies.

Larry Kudlow comments on today's Federal Reserve leak that it will not allow its balance sheet to shrink as mortgage bonds mature.

On his program, Kudlow debates David Stockman.

At Barron’s, Randall Forsyth argues David Stockman’s tax hike solution is Herbert Hoover redux. Unfortunately, Forsyth also defends Milton Friedman's support for floating exchange rates.

At The Financial Times, Jeremy Warner pans Alan Greenspan's record as an economic forecaster.

At The American Thinker, Fred Douglass reports Paul Krugman's amusing struggles with his blog commenters.

From FEE, Mark Skousen refutes the Keynesian notion that consumer spending drives the economy.

At the PBS Newshour, Mark Zandi and John Taylor discuss the merits of the stimulus.

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