Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday round up.

On The Kudlow Report, Sen. Evan Bayh (IN) sounds more supply-side than most Republicans.

NRO's Reihan Salam discusses supply-side economics' origins.

Stanford's Ronald McKinnon advocates leaving China's exchange rate as is.

Kevin Williamson considers the CBO's recent debt report.

E.J. Dionne suggests it is fiscal stupidity to keep supply-side tax cuts but advocates more stimulus spending.

Don Boudreaux rebuts Dionne by explaining that the wealthy pay a larger share of taxes since rates were lowered.

Heritage's J.D. Foster defends deficit hawks who oppose tax increases.

At The Huffington Post, Joe Minarik argues there's little difference between debt incurred for tax rate cuts or Keynesian spending.

From the archive, the late Jude Wanniski presents Robert Mundell on international monetary reform.

Today I added two items under the Classic Articles area:

“A Deficit of Understanding” by Don Boudreaux; and

The Needle's Eye: Why America's Economic Recovery Needs the Global South” by Reuven Brenner and David Goldman.

Unfortunately, "The Needle’s Eye" is behind First Things’ subscriber wall so I posted a free version. I highly recommend both articles.

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