Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday update.

Prof. Robert Mundell analyzes China’s economy.

And how about currencies? For Nobel-prize winner Robert Mundell, prosperity in a country like China relies more on developing internal demand.

Robert A. Mundell, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, said, "I think it's not a movement of the exchange rate, what they need to do is to move into more spending, increase pensions for the ageing, for example."

Larry Kudlow explains that business, not government, creates jobs and wealth.

Don Luskin sees a positive turnaround for Europe.

Robert Mundell made this prediction weeks ago.

WSJ columnist David Reilly quotes Ronald McKinnon and David Malpass in arguing money is too cheap.

John Tamny discusses deflation on the John Batchelor radio show (at about 20 minutes).

In The WSJ, Stephen Fidler reports on Finland's flexible payroll tax.

Wayne Jett is dissatisfied with the financial reform bill.

Paul Krugman chastizes Republicans for blocking unemployment benefits.

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