Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday round up.

David Malpass argues small businesses need help.

David Goldman analyzes the economy’s weakness.

Richard Rahn worries regulation is growing too fast.

Larry Kudlow pans the President’s oil spill speech.

The WSJ editorial board notes that Hungary is embracing the growth solution.

Paul Krugman disputes claims of austerity-created prosperity.

Via Reihan Salam, Noah Millman says forget austerity, focus on productivity.

A Civil Society Trust’s blogger explains why trade deficits are irrelevant.

Forbes reports that due in part to low taxes, South Florida is becoming a magnet for wealth.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates want the wealthy to give away half their wealth.

Of course, the best thing for the world probably is for talented entrepreneurs and business people to focus on doubling their wealth.

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  1. On Gates and Buffet's idea: It's not going to happen but mechanism's could be put in place to take away half their fortunes through taxation. Or better still, to tax them at a higher rate in order to come up with a solution for the fix we're in.

    While the supplysiders continue to harp on cutting taxes, cutting taxes, cutting taxes. Which has about as much chance of happening as the government receiving half of the billionaires' fortunes. The former of course not being possible in a nation that has been led to the brink of failure by the tax cutting past president.