Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday round up.

Brian Wesbury and Robert Stein think the yuan's separation from the dollar is positive.
In essence, China is saying it thinks its currency will do a better job than the U.S. dollar of retaining its value over time. Put another way, China is committed to having lower inflation than the U.S. and China seems willing to deal with the natural consequences of that strategy, which is a currency that gains value.
David Goldman discusses the yuan's float on The Kudlow Report.

Larry Kudlow examines current political and economic events.

John Tamny critiques Nouriel Roubini's economic model.

David Malpass debates higher taxes on the rich.

Joseph Y. Calhoun of Alhambra Investments sees the weak dollar as damaging confidence.

At the Library of Economics and Liberty, David Henderson assesses the Laffer Curve.

Columnist Jim Pethokoukis compares the current OMB director to David Stockman.

Keynesian William Greider worries about cutting spending.

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