Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday update.

Dan Mitchell comments on Alan Reynolds’ recent response to Kevin Williamson’s Goodbye Supply Side.

David Ranson says tax rate hikes don’t work at extracting more of the national income.

Rep. Ted Poe (TX) calls for Congress to regulate the dollar’s value.

John Tamny argues that bank bailouts discourage banks from lending.

A year ago, Robert Mundell made comments on the euro that seem awfully prescient.

And here’s a recent interview with Mundell describing the situation (imperfectly translated from Russian).

Wainwright Economics has a paper by John Tamny that explores the myth of the artificially cheap yuan.


  1. Mary Anastasia O'Grady's Americas column in today's WSJ entitled "Venezuela's Monetary Mayhem" is also quite good.

  2. Goodbye to supply-side is right! First read Bruce Bartlett's excellent book and then read here what leading hardcore supplysiders of the past have to say about the book.

    And for this Bruce Bartlett will cease to be one of the darlings of the Supply-siders. The price of being an honest conservative. So sad that it took George W. Bush's failed ideas to show us the failing of the old way and a new way forward.